Ask and we shall be given

By: Alfred Ballesteros

We complain about everything that happens to us and we believe that destiny cheats us and, our lives are predestined and we would never be able to change.

How little faith we have to believe that we cannot change, God himself tells us: Ask and you shall be given. Everything comes in time. But sometimes we are so extreme that we want everything, we ask for to be granted like an act of magic, God can, sure he does because He is Almighty, but it is also true that he does not indulge us in our every whim.

And it is also true that sometimes we do not know how to ask, as true as God only gives us what is good for our salvation.

All this is simply to know that God knows us so well that He knows what would do us well and what would not; logically, He would never grant us what will not do us good and would not benefit our salvation.

Especially if we cling to wanting the wrong things, maybe we would succeed; but if we fail, God knows we will and yet His grace awaits, the great mercy that comes to us in the moment of confession, God Almighty knows us, knows that we are weak, knows where we will fail and knows that we need Him for everything. That is why He never abandons us. He loves us and wants the best for us. We are the ones not willing to accept Him.

Let’s pray to God and ask Him only for what is good for our salvation, that he does not send obstacles that impede our path to finding ourselves in Him.

That sin will never separate us from God and that we go to confession and find ourselves with Him so that God Himself pours His mercy so that our paths can always lead to His presence.

That we do not become closed off, that we may always know that God loves us so much that he gave us His only Son for our salvation. And only asks for our conversion; so let’s ask for our conversion and that we are not only Catholics when we please to be. This is not being a Catholic and much less believing in God.

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