2016 ¡OYE! Vocations/Volunteers Directory Listing

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If you are a returning advertiser and you don’t have any changes, write “Repeat” in the Directory Listing field but please make sure to check off the ministry areas that you work in.

Contact Info: In order to provide you with the names and profiles of candidates interested in your organization, OYE needs to know to whom this information should be sent. Please provide us with the name, email and address of the person to whom all inquiries should be sent.

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OYE Directory Listing: Please provide a 150-word summary of your organization and its ministry. Please be sure to include in sentence form how candidates should contact you at the end of the listing and include your web address if you have one. We suggest composing the summary in Microsoft Word first since it easily allows you to check spelling and length. Please paste your text into the field below. There is a $2 per word additional charge for summaries that exceed the 150 word limit.

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