Is Jesus with us always, even in bad situations?



Yes. Jesus is Immanuel—God with us! Particularly in difficult times, he is by our side. Sometimes the difficult situations of life do not allow us to feel him near us but He is always there, as a permanent present, committed and mysterious. The Cross is the commitment of God with pain and human tragedy. He died to let us know that, even when we die, he does not leave us alone!



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When a person has only

By grace

When a person has only surrender left to offer to Mary and God - is this received as prayer un-uttered ?

I perceive privelege more and more an indication of a soul's need to be kept through this even to a point where Salvation is dependant upon these great Graces. In God's timing and will, evryone has a purpose and reason for being.
In all of my life's sufferings none compare to the years I was in hades. My soul was delivered at my breaking point having endured torture by two demons asigned to me in a secluded cave like structure where I was kept entirely alone.S_tan would come now and again and ask me " Are you going to worship me now ? When Christ apeared beside me there the shackles on my wrists and ankles fell open and I fell too weak to stand. As I did, He caught me up in His arms carrying me upwards through many different levels of Hades. What I saw was others which surprized me as I'd never seen another soul in all the time spent there. The one I recall vividly was where people were picking up heavy rocksm loading them into wheel-barrows and then taking the wheel-barrow a distance and unloading them to begin again to pick them up and move them back to a pointm repeating this over and over again. The place where I had been kept, the Lord told me was the 'eye of evil' About a year ago the Lord told me S_atan is coming for you personally," as I saw a towering cloud formation - an image of a beast with horns appear across the road from where I live..Jesus true Christ who is come in the flesh said next, " Hide behind Me."

I have received massive healings through the Open Mass for the Sick over several years. My son born to me after these major healings was healed of a Leaky Gut Syndrome after 14 years and a severe Liver condition three years after the previous one. His eyesight stigma and other troubles through successivly receiving the Most Holy Eucharist or even a single Eucharist received as in the healing given him for the serious Liver condition. By successive I do not mean to imply within the same day.

My question here to you is; What advice would you give in consideration of these short exerts from our lives to make a stand with our Lord behind him of course meaning not open spiritual warfare...I feel safest in Mary's Immaculate Heart with God,the Holy Spirit. I offer our poverty and make sacrifices although mostly inadvrtantly. Joy is returning however I found it is best to keep this well hidden within and sober on the outside. Is there more I could be doing to release the Grace for our full deliverence we anticipate now for many years. In our apartment religious articles dissappear still although manifestations have certainly decreased overall. A huge Saint Benedict medalian earlier this year, has vanished from the floor where I had placed it. Although this is somewhat disturbing I look at it as an iinadequately blessed or unblessed article - although I could be wrong about this. A marian Priest's Blessing on articles of faith seem to me to be unaffected. Now, I am thinking consecration to our Blessed Holy Mother Mary ever-Virgin mother of God, the Lord is like these religious articles. Battle-worn yet unmovable from Her presence and therefor from our Lord Jesus Christ.

Your response would be reatly appreciated.

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Grace, thank you for

By Susana Guzman (not verified)

Grace, thank you for contacting us. What we can do is pray for total healing and to experience the immense power of the love of God for us. Do not be afraid to express your joy. We, Christians, are joyful people because we believe in the power of the redemption of Christ and of his resurrection.  We will keep you in our prayers.

God Bless, ¡OYE! Magazine Staff

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Yes,Jesus is with us,

By Daniel-L

Yes,Jesus is with us, particularly in difficult times, he is by our side. Sometimes the difficult situations in our life do not allow us to feel him near us, but He is always there with us. We cannot see him or feel him but he is always here in good and bad times. He does not want to see us fail. Jesus will guide us all the time. All we have to do is just listen to his voice calling us. We all should turn to him.


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