The Best Decision

Life’s journey is very similar for each one of us. We are born, grow up, and die. But today we will pause in a stage of our lives, in the moment where we decided the journey for the rest of our lives.

This decision making moment, could be when we decided to get married, chose the university to attend, and the field we would study. Or also maybe the moment when one decides to have a child and why not the day in which you decided to be part of the school soccer team.

There are moments of important decisions for our lives where we decide the great change, and when we decide to change our lives and put ourselves in the service of God.

Every day God invites us to follow him and presents Himself to us in every moment: in our classmates, in our neighbors, in the employee at the gas station, in our own family. God presents Himself to us daily and at every moment. We are what we do not want to see and do not want to make that change that can mark our lives.

He never said it would be easy, but he can give us the clarity to resolve our everyday problems more easily. Life could be full of issues and difficulties. We are many and diverse, and have different opinions. God gives us opportunities to understand what ‘s going on in our lives.

Let us say yes to God and make the decision to allow God to be part of our lives. Let us ask for the necessary faith to be able to follow Him. There will be, without doubt, problems and difficulties, but they are part of life and when we put them in the hands of God, we see them differently.  Maybe we do not feel it, but with faith, we will find the path to happiness and peace with God.

God loves us so much. Let us give ourselves the opportunity to accept this love and start walking hand in hand with God. He walks with us.  Let us give ourselves the chance to accept him and find him and start being happy. I believe this is the moment to start and to give the Yes to God from our hearts.


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