December 29 - Saint Thomas Beckett


Thomas was born in England during the 12th century, lost his parents at an early age, and began to work in order to support himself. He liked having a good time and enjoyed sports. Thomas was good looking and very intelligent. He found a job working in the house of the Archbishop of Canterbury and began to be interested in the things of the spirit. King Henry took a liking to him and appointed him chancellor. Thomas had a strong character, but was also a man of prayer. He wanted to be ordained a priest, but did not want to be bishop because he knew it would mean having to face King Henry II. Thomas also knew that from this position he would have to defend the church against the abuses of the king. But they did not listen and he was named bishop. In the beginning it went well, until the king began demanding money that legitimately belonged to the church. Thomas felt tempted to give it to him to avoid conflict but soon realized that he should not. The king became enraged and ordered his assassination. St. Thomas Beckett was killed in the cathedral.

Do you think that fulfilling your obligations well may bring you some moral conflict? How would you resolve it?


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