December 22 – Reflection of the day

Some saints have spoken about joy in very clear terms. One says that a sad saint is a sorry saint. Another one affirms that joy perfects the work, while sadness corrupts it. In other words, when you do something with joy, with pleasure and enthusiasm, it is much better; it is a work that is pleasing to God. In contrast, things done because there is no choice or done with bitterness and resentment, even if they superficially look good, are far from perfect. They like the radiance of joy and the love of God. Why is it necessary to always be joyful? Because like Mary, we have been visited by God, looked upon, and lifted.

Are you easily saddened? Do you sometimes do things just out of a sense of obligation or duty, because you feel pressured, and therefore you do them without pleasure or joy?


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