December 21 – Saint Peter Canisius

He was Dutch and his father wanted him to become a lawyer. To please his father, Peter began to study law, but soon realized that he did would not be happy in that profession. He met Peter Faber, a Jesuit, and began to think that this path would truly make him happy. After his ordination, Ignatius of Loyola sent him to Germany where he worked for 40 years, defending the faith against heresies and helping those who were falling apart from the faith and bringing them back to their home in the church. He traveled thousands of miles by foot or by horse. Peter wrote many books about the faith, including two catechisms. Sometimes he was told he worked too much, to which he answered: with God's help you will find time to do it all. He is a doctor of the Church.

What do you most dedicate your time to in your life? Is that what God wants of you?


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