December 16 – Saint Adelaide

She was a princess from Burgundy and married king Lothair. Three years later, the king died poisoned by a rival who wanted to make Adelaide his wife. When she refused, he locked her up in a tower. The German king saved her from the tower and married her. They had five children and lived happily for many years. After Otto’s death, her oldest son, even though he was a good man, became confused and went against his mother. Through meditation with an abbot, the young man recognized his error and repented. At her old age, after the death of her son, the townspeople asked her to govern because her grandson, the successor, was still too young. She founded monasteries and convents and worked for the conversion of the enslaved town.

Are you willing to forgive those who have harmed you by mistake or ignorance or even by intention? What do you have to forgive today?


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