December 5 - Second Sunday of Advent

Changes are not easy. Moving is complicated and uncomfortable. Changing schools or jobs is stressful. Sometimes change is good, particularly if we are convinced it is for the better. But these are external changes, with their complications and stress, but also beneficial and sometimes even fun. Changing something inside of us, however, could be much more complex. Changing the way how we treat others, for instance, is difficult because habits die hard. Changing the way in which we spend money is equally difficult. Or changing how we study or work…

Why does Jesus insist on changes? We need to change, John says, because the kingdom of heaven is near. And the reign of heaven has little to do with the few or many material comforts and possessions we may have. It has absolutely nothing to do with our own prestige or good name. Or with our pleasures. The reign, rather, looks outside, goes beyond ourselves to see how the dignity of others deserves respect. That is, it looks at people as children of God and therefore calls to fight for their rights, to work for justice, to live for service.

What are the changes you think you should make in your own life?


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