December 4 – Reflection of the day

“The harvest is great but the laborers are few. Ask the Lord of the field to send laborers for the harvest.”

We often hear church people complain because there are few priests. And even fewer who can understand the Latino culture. Or that there are few catechists. Few people to take care of  the needs of the community. It often seems that the work falls on the shoulders of just a few. But when some families hear this, they pray so that the Lord may call…the children of other families, not their own. To ask the Lord to send laborers to his harvest honestly might be dangerous. The call might touch us very personally. What would we do?

Have you ever prayed for vocations to ministry? Have you ever thought that might be your own call? What would you do if you felt that call? Would you resist it? Do you look for reasons why that is simply impossible? Are those reasons really true?


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