December 2 – Reflection of the day

“Those who listen to my words and act accordingly are like the wise man who builds his house on a rock.”

To hear one thing and to act on it are different things. You can hear without paying any attention, or thinking that what you are hearing really makes no sense or cannot affect you.  There is a saying in Spanish when someone is not listening, he or she is “as if hearing the rain.” But you really cannot do that with the words of Jesus, because if you did, your whole life would be baseless. What Jesus says has a promise of future, while many times what you hear in other places can give you a momentary satisfaction, or might sound easy, but in the long run, it leaves an emptiness that is impossible to fill. Listening to Jesus and acting upon it might be difficult and demand great sacrifices from us, but it turns us into realized, happy, people, rooted in something solid and important.

What do you think Jesus is asking for you at this time? How do you see your life toward the future? What are the foundations for all your plans?


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