November 22 - Saint Cecilia


Cecilia was a wealthy young Roman woman, who was given up by her father in marriage to a young pagan. Cecilia confessed to her husband, Valerian, that she was a Christian and he wanted to hear more about her faith and converted to Christianity. Tiburtius, Valerian’s brother, also converted and together they did great deeds for the people. During the persecution of the Christians, the two brothers were arrested and martyred. Cecilia was later arrested and sentenced to death by fire, but she sang to God and her body miraculously would not burn. They later attempted to unsuccessfully decapitate her, leaving her paralyzed instead. It is said that with just three fingers, and without the ability to speak, St. Cecilia proclaimed her faith in the Trinity.

How is your joy a testimony of your faith? What can others learn of Christ by looking at you?


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