November 9 – Reflection of the day

We are often afraid to become angry. We think we will lose control and things will get out of hand. We fear the consequences and the probability that we will not be able to return to the harmony of the past.  From time to time, Jesus would become angry over just causes and this is how we must carry out our anger. First we must ask ourselves if it is just, if it is worthwhile to use our energy to become angry. Secondly, we must channel our angry energy over injustices into actions that will result in positive consequences. For example, if we are mad over injustices, such as the lack of opportunities for undocumented students, a positive way of channeling this energy is to join an action group that seeks to achieve reform.

Do you frequently get angry? Do you consider why you become annoyed, and do see that your anger is worthwhile? How do you channel such anger into good things?



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