From the root to the fruit

By Sandy Ruby Huizar

My mother is always looking for ways to help others and is very involved with St. Francis of Rome Parish in Cicero, a suburb of Chicago. As a young child, she taught me that an all powerful God, who is our Father, exists, cares for and protects us. Thanks to her efforts, today I have the opportunity to work in the parish as an assistant secretary. Through this work, I share my life with other Catholics and come into contact with many people of faith. And every Sunday, I attend Mass with my family and truly enjoy being a young Catholic.

My parents, godparents, the priests and deacons, and my friends have also influenced my faith in a very special manner. My parents introduced me to the Catholic religion and taught me how to live my life as a Catholic.  My parish priests, Fr. Mark and Fr. Sergio help educate me in the faith and make me reflect. My godparents set a good example and I admire them for their commitment and faith. In a similar way, my friends influence my faith because they believe and encourage me to overcome any obstacle.

I think God is with me when I listen and pray for enlightenment. I feel my faith when I set goals and work hard to achieve them. I want to be a preschool or kindergarten teacher and will begin studying at DePaul University in the fall 2001. I believe God is calling me to teach, so that through my actions and good examples, I can influence the actions of children in a positive manner so they too can become good Catholics. I love children and know I have the ability and patience to work with them.

I think that today many young people need to set goals and must strive to achieve them. I think they should have great personal motivation. Young people must have a vision of what God wants for them: to become more of what they can be; to have an objective they wish to fulfill some day.  I enjoy seeing young people with positive goals and who practice their faith. Together, when we go to church, learn about our faith, and focus on the positive things that give good fruit for others, we will succeed in changing the world. 

For reflection

Who has been the greatest influence in your life? What positive role models are in your surroundings? How can you be a role model for others? Where do you think God is calling you?



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