October 27 - Saint Contard


Contardo was a brilliant young man, who spoke many languages and was very devoted and passionate about his faith.  He began a club with his university companions to study the faith and pray. When he was 21-years-old, he was offered an opportunity to study in Berlin, Germany. There, he continued his work with young university students.  Contardo began to think about his vocation and decided that God was calling him to devote his life completely to God, but as a lay person. From his position as a university professor, St. Contardo brought many to the faith with his testimony as a believer and his joy.

Have you considered what your vocation could be? Do you think that you could give testimony and bring others to the faith by simply living your profession well?  How do the people near you react? Do you offer something different from the values offered in this world?


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