October 26 - Reflection of the day

To what should the reign of God be compared? It is like the leaven a woman mixes in with three measures of flour to make the dough rise.

It could seem that the efforts of just one person are little. Sometimes  we make great efforts  for the success of something only to realize that, in truth, we are too small to achieve great results. We can take comfort in the fact that we are only asked to sow the seed, or to bury ourselves as leaven. The seed grows, even if we don't see it. The leaven makes the dough ferment and rise, even if we are not there to see it. We are only asked for the generosity to do what is within our reach. And that demands everything we have and are.

Do you ever leave something undone because you think it is too small? Do you grow discouraged if you don't see immediate fruits or results?



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