October 24 - Saint Anthony Claret

Born in Catalunya in the 19th century, Anthony was the son of a weaver and dedicated part of his youth to continuing his father´s business. But he was always restless because he felt called to preach the Gospel. Because of his physical limitations, he was not admitted in a couple of congregations and became a Diocesan priest. His preaching and missionary spirit attracted some companions and with them he founded the Congregation of Sons of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, now known as the Claretians. Claretians are missionaries sent wherever it is more urgent, opportune and  necessary. As for Anthony Claret the printed word and media were extremely important, Claretian missionaries support and manage publications wherever they are.

Do you have a missionary spirit? What means do you have at your disposal? Are you looking for a group or community with the same ideals? Who can help you do that?



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