October 15 - Saint Teresa of Jesus

Born in the 16th century in Avila, Spain, Teresa was the child of a wealthy family. Upon her mother's death, she entered the Carmelite monastery, which was not very strict at the time. She often received visitors and was distracted in her life of prayer. She lived comfortably there until one day, before an image of Jesus in the Garden of Olives, she suffered a conversion and felt the call to give herself to God more radically. She started the reformation of the Carmelite Order and, together with Saint John of the Cross, she managed to totally reform it. She had a powerful experience of prayer that gradually led her to a high degree of intimacy with God. She is a great mystic writer and her works have helped many in the way of prayer.

How do you nurture your life of prayer? Have you ever felt a strong call to a more intímate union with the Lord?


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