October 12 - Our Lady of the Pillar

Legend has it that the Apostle James was overwhelmed and dissapointed with his task as an evangelizer. The people of the region then known as Hispania did not listen to his preaching. Then one day, sitting by the banks of the River Ebro, Mary, the mother of Jesus, whom James knew and trusted, appeared to him and encouraged him and strengthened him in his ministry. From then on, things went much better. Mary appeared on a column as if symbolizing the fortitude James needed. And like him, centuries later, the fortitude received by the Spanish people in their faith has made Our Lady of the Pillar the patroness of Spain. The date coincides, by chance or design, with the date of the arrival of Columbus on American lands and of the arrival of the Catholic faith here.

We celebrate today the Day of La Raza, which is appropriate to reflect on our roots and on what gives strength to our faith. It is a day when we can reaffirm our identity as Hispanic Catholics. 

Do you appreciate your roots? What gives you strength to your faith?



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