October 1 - Saint Theresa of the Child Jesus


An extremely levelheaded young girl, who was sometimes ill-tempered, Theresa was youngest of five sisters, and use to getting all the attention from her father. She decided at a very young age to become a Carmelite nun, where she would join two of her sisters, but because she was very young Theresa had to obtain special permission from the Pope. She entered the convent and suffered greatly, but it was in this suffering that she learned to grow deeper in the love that God had toward her. Although she died very young and never left the convent, Theresa is a Doctor of the Church and patron of the missions because of her great spirituality and missionary prayer.

What do you desire more than anything in the world? Do you feel called to give your life for the People of God, the church, as well as to proclaim the message of Jesus?


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