September 25 - Saint Sergius of Radonezh

Sergius was a Russian young man from the 14th Century. He was not as intelligent as his brothers, but he learned to write and read, since he had a desire to read the Bible. His parents were nobility, but had to leave their lands after a conflict with their enemies and went to work as country people. After the death of their parents, Sergius and his brother Stefan lived as hermits. His brother later left to a monastery and Sergio was left alone, but not for long. Other youth came to join their holy life and founded a monastery. When the men had had an argument between them Sergius decided to leave to keep the peace. Four years later, they asked Sergius to return and there was a grand reconciliation. Many people, including leaders, asked Sergius for counsel. They wanted him to be bishop of one of the major dioceses of Russia, but he rejected the offer.

How do you cope with conflict and disagreements in your family and with your friends?


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