God plays hide and seek

On a particular occasion the young grandchild of the Rabbi Baruch was playing hide and seek with a friend. He found a good hiding place and crouched in there waiting for his friend to seek and find him. He was crouching there for a long, long time. But the friend did not show up anywhere. After a long time, the child left his hiding place.

It was then that he realized that his friend had not bothered looking for him. He cried and ran to his grandfather to tell him. The Rabbi answered: See, my child, God also says the same thing: I was hiding and no one bothered to look for me.

Martin Buber

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  • Who is God for you?
  • Where is God?
  • What can we do to find him?
  • Where have you found him?
  • Why is God such good news for human beings?

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