September 12- Reflection

There will be more rejoicing in heaven for a single sinner who repents than for 99 just people who don’t need conversion.

Many young people seem to be lost in this world. You must know some of them, because some certainly live in your neighborhood and belong to your community—or even your own family. You know that they are not bad people: they have simply taken the wrong path because of various reasons. They are thirsty for God just as you are, but they don’t know where to find him. And the problem is there is no one to seek them out and to bring them back…Jesus says a good shepherd would leave the ones that are not lost and go in search of the wayward one. He would bring her back lovingly and would heal her wounds.

Is there something you can do to approach some of those young people near you and, in love, give them a word of light for their journey?


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