August 22 – Queenship of Mary

In 1954, when the cities decimated by World War II had not been rebuilt, Pope Pius XII instituted the feast of the Queenship of Mary as a place of solace, hope, and vision towards the future. In the encyclical letter instituting the liturgical feast, Pope Pius XII said: May we all strive, with vigilant and diligent care, in our customs and our own soul, the great virtues of the Queen of Heaven and our beloved Mother. The result of this will be that Christians, in venerating and imitating the great Queen and Mother, may finally feel like brothers and sisters; and escaping hatred and the rampant desires for wealth they promote social love, respect for the rights of the poor, and a love for peace. That no one, therefore, be judged as a child of Mary, worthy of being received under her powerful guardianship, if he does not demonstrate, by following her sweet, chaste, and fair example, a contribution with true brotherhood, by not damaging or hurting, but by helping and comforting.


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