August 2. Our Lady, Queen of the Angels

The reign of Our Lady of Angels is not a distant kingdom. This advocation of Mary gives name to one of our largest cities, and perhaps the most Hispanic of all. The image of the city does not look too angelic, though. Although it is a beautiful place, where the mountains and the ocean create a wonderful scenario, there is traffic, pollution, political problems and, in certain neighborhoods, centers of gang violence. That might be one of the reasons the city needs the protection of many angels and of a queen who is a Mother. In the first settlement of the city, the Puebla de Nuestra Señora, la Reina de los Ángeles, is the Placita, which has been and continues to be a place of refuge and shelter for thousands of Hispanic inmigrants to the United States. Many have found their angels there.

Who are your angels? How can you be an angel, a companion on the way, a helper?



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