Lord, what do you want from me?


By Maria Alejandra Rivas
¡Oye! World Youth Day Correspondent

Ask anyone about their heart’s desires and aspirations and you’ll quickly realize people hold good and noble dreams filled with hope.  Each one of us is in search of something great, something that fills our being with purpose and love, but how do we hold on to hope in what is increasingly an unstable society? 

Pope Benedict XVI understood this to be true especially of young people.  In his message to the youth of the world on the occasion of the 24th World Youth Day in 2009, Benedict XVI reminded young men and women that “youth is a time of hope.” 

With each invitation to this gathering, young people prepare to open their mind and souls to live out their hearts desire…the desire to “set our hope in Christ.” (1 Tim 4:10)

Everyone’s life journey is different but our ultimate goal is eternal happiness, this can only be found in the purpose God has intended for each one of us. Testimonies of pilgrims throughout the world have confirmed the importance World Youth Day has had in helping them find their calling. 

The invitation comes unexpectedly, gently-like a whisper, filled with love and in the form of a question: “Lord, what do you want from me?”  As World Youth Day 2011 approaches, I find myself asking that same question. 

With twenty days to go for the greatest adventure of my life, my prayers have become more intense and I’m more attentive to what God might be asking me to put aside in order for me to figure out where my life is headed. 

Until then, my prayers continue; not just for myself but for the thousands of pilgrims seeking their calling and for you, the readers of ¡Oye! Magazine, may you experience World Youth Day through the media and may the Holy Spirit spark the curiosity in you to follow the call of a lifetime.


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