June 17 - Saint Avitus


This French saint of the 4th century had such a great desire to become a monk that he requested that if he was not accepted as a monk, he could join as a servant. It did not take long before he was appointed as the trustee and it is said that he would reserve food for the poor. As a result, the other monks criticized and persecuted Avitus so he decided to resign his position and become a hermit. The friars convinced him later on to return to the abbey and become the abbot. He occupied this position for several years, greatly improving the spiritual life of the monastery, but he eventually decided to return to his solitude. But his fame of holiness spread and such a large number of disciples came to see him that he had to found a monastery at the site of his hermitage.

How do you respond to criticism? How do you listen to the diverse circumstances in life, which can make you change your plans?


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