Without Love, Life Has No Meaning

We are so immerse in our little world, in our problems that we do not see beyond our horizons.
Author: P. Dennis Doren L.C. | Source: Catholic.net

People nowadays need to make love a true experience more than ever; most of the time we are so immerse in our little world, in our problems that we do not see beyond our horizons. Let us open our hearts to the words of Jesus: “there is no greater love than one that gives life for their friends” or “He who loves me, has my commandments and keeps them and will be loved by my Father and we will make our dwelling in Him. Although it is hard to believe, God’s dwelling place in us is within. Let’s be generous taking the opportunities that are presented to us.

How wise and beautiful are the words of Pope John Paul II when he said!: “Love is essentially, therefore, to give yourself to others. Far from an instinctive inclination, love is a conscience decision of the will to go to others. In order to love truly, it would be better to let go of all things and, over all, of oneself; give freely, love until the end” (John Paul II, 1980).

So, love is the source of balance. It is the secret to happiness. What happens if one person does not learn to love? Life, your life, or my life stop having meaning; it is imperative to cultivate love, to live loving, one cannot live without passing out love, on the contrary, you will discover that in reality we do not love: 
Intelligence without love…makes you evil.
Justice without love…makes you ruthless.
Diplomacy without love… makes you hypocrite.
Success without love…. makes you arrogant.
Wealth without love… makes you greedy.
Gentleness without love…makes you subservient.
Poverty without love…makes you proud.
Truth without love…makes you offensive.
Authority without love… makes you a tyrant.
Work without love…makes you a slave.
Passion without love…makes you promiscuous.
Prayer without love…makes you introvert.
Law without love…enslaves you.
Faith without love…makes you a fanatic.
Sport without love…becomes a vain competition.
The cross without love…becomes unjust torture.
Life without love… HAS NO MEANING.

Let us make our homes, our place of work, our schools, into a school of love through mutual service, generosity, confidence and fraternal respect. A school where you learn to forgive and to silence the mistakes of others; where everyone hugs, with closeness and prayer, around the person in distress, that is suffering or is ill; and where, in Christ’s example, doors are always open to all, without any distinction. «See how they love one another! », exclaimed everyone who saw the testimony of the life of the first Christians, can they say the same about us today?

Let us make the effort in always thinking good about others; in having a heart capable to love every one, to comprehend and forgive the broken hearted or the one who has hurt us. Let us treat others, with the same love, same patience and comprehension with which Christ has treated us.

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