June 6 – Saint Norbert

He was from a noble family and went to one of the best schools at the time in Germany. Norbert was very handsome, intelligent, wise, and women followed him. He was a clergyman, but was having too much gun to pay attention to his vows.  When he went on a trip with Emperor Paschal II, Norbert saw the wickedness of the monarch, decided to reflect on the reason for his existence, and changed his life. He then suffered an accident in the middle of a storm and it was here that Norbert finally decided he needed to change his life.  He went everywhere asking forgiveness for his scandals and helping others to abandon their sinful ways. Finally St. Norbert decided to found an Order that would join worship, ministry, and work. It didn’t take long before many were joining the Order.

Have you ever felt that there were things in your life you needed to change?


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