Look who’s talking

God, our best buddy

By Carmen F. Aguinaco

Who does not want to have a good friend? A good friend looks out for us, dares to speak the truth about us, knowing we will accept it. Good friends are those who can be silent in each other’s company because they don’t fear rejection. A good friend is a treasure.

We can be ourselves when we are with friends. We don’t need masks and don’t have to pretend we are something we are not. We can share our whole soul with a friend, or we can talk about silly things. We can cry, laugh, enjoy, or be quiet.

St. Teresa of Ávila compared prayer to being with a friend, someone we know loves us. That means we can talk to God in the same way we speak to a good friend, to our closest friend.

If we can tell a friend our innermost feelings without deception, we can also tell God. We don’t need to feel we are good and holy in order to pray. God, more than anyone on earth, understands how we feel.

Friends look on us affectionately. Even if they see our faults, they also see your virtues and gifts. Allow God to let you know how God sees you: with affection and truth.

A friend will not allow us to do just whatever we please if that will hurt us. That does not mean he or she would curtail our freedom but rather that they look out for our good. The same thing happens with God: Sometimes God might not seem to be listening or answering to what we ask. Perhaps, however, what we wanted was not the best for us. Trust.

With a friend we don’t need to use4 many words, and that is the best form of prayer. A peasant who used to spend hours and hours in the chapel said when he was asked what he did in there all that time: “God looks at me, and I look at God.”

Your turn

What do you seek when you pray? Do you relate God as a true friend?

¡Oye! 2007


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