May 18 - Saint John I


He was a pope of the 6th century who was the victim of the paranoia of an Emperor who thought the Pope and Emperor Justin of Constantinople were against him, when in truth they had been negotiating in his favor.

Have you ever been the victim of the manipulation of someone? How do you react to gossip?


18 May13:19

From my experience being a

By Astrid

From my experience being a victim of manipulation is damaging because it creates distrust to people as a whole. It makes it difficult to identify or recognize who really loves you and wants the best for you especially in a society where individualism is constantly promoted.

My reaction to gossip is that of not paying much attention to it. I figure that my decisions will always be criticized whether they are right or wrong so I try not to take it personal and use it more as a means to get closer to God through prayer.


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