Our Vocation

Our vocation is not a supernatural lottery, but the interaction of two freedoms and therefore, of two loves. It is hopeless to try to settle the problem of vocation outside the context of friendship and of lofe.

In planning the course of our lives, we must remember the importance and dignity of our own freedom…For our freedom is a gift God has given us in order that he may be able to love us more perfectly and be loved by us more perfectly in return. Love is perfect in proportion to its freedom. We act most freely when we act purely in response to the love of God.

There is something in the depths of our being that hungers for wholeness and finality, Because we are made for eternal life, we are made for an act that gathers up all the powers and capacities of our being and offers them simultaneously and forever to God. The blind spiritual instinct that tells us obscurely that our own lives have a particular importance and purpose, and which urges us to find out our vocation, seeks in so doing to bring us to a decision that will dedicate our lives irrevocably to their true purpose. The man who loses this sense of his own personal destiny and who renounces all hope of having any kind of vocation in life, has either lost all hope of happiness or else has entered upon some mysterious vocation that God alone can understand.

(Thomas Merton, No Man is an Island).


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