May 6 – Blessed Anna Rosa Gattorno

Anna was a young Italian of a well-off family. At the age of 21, she married her cousin Geronimo Custo. An unexpected economic crisis led the young marriage to poverty. Later, their first daughter was affected by an illness and became deaf. After seven years of being married, she became widowed. Anna utilized all this, not to become bitter and full of grief, but to radically convert to God and dedicate her life to Him. As a Tertiary Franciscan, she dedicated completely to works of charity and service. Later, after much prayer, discernment and advice, she decided to start a religious family, who would be the Sisters of Saint Anna, for the service of the poor and sick and to help the defenseless. She opened schools for the people and other works and of human advancement. At her death, there were 368 foundations and 3500 sisters who continued her work.


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