April 30 - Saint Joseph Benedict Cottolengo

Peter was born in Turin, Italy, in 1786. He was ordained a priest and dedicated himself to pastoral work. When a woman he looked after died in a hospital for the poor, Joseph opened his own clinic to care for the ill poor. When the clinic began to grow, he organized volunteers who were working for the Brother and Daughters of Saint Vincent. During a plague of cholera, the hospital closed, but Joseph transferred outside of the city and continued to help those affected. Later his works extended to the elderly, deaf, disabled, mentally sick, and youth who had lost their way. In order to care for these groups he founded the Daughter of Compassion, Daughters of the Good Shepherd, and Hermits of the Holy Rosary and the Priests of the Trinity. He contracted typhus and died in 1842.

Do you put limits on your service to others?


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