April 27 - Saint Peter Canisius

It seems that Peter Canisius was a child who was not only normal, but also irritable, spoiled, conceited, and stubborn. He had a strong and arrogant temper. He was born in Holland in the 16th century and his parents wanted to provide him with a good education. While studying in Mainz he befriended a Jesuit, Peter Fabre, who invited him to complete the Spiritual Exercises from which he emerged completely transformed. Peter became a Jesuit and was ordained a priest. These were difficult times for the Church because of the Protestant Reformation and Canisius preached, wrote, and founded convents. He work with the youth and established schools. St. Peter Canisus was a teacher of catechists and wrote a catechism. He was tireless.

Do you consider that if you heard God’s call to follow him, you would have to change things in your personality? What things? Why?


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