April 28 – Saint Peter Chanel

Born in France, Peter was very intelligent and a priest took him in to educate him. He joined the seminary and gained the affection of students and professors. After his ordination, he came across an almost abandoned parish and revitalized it in three years. But he wanted to be a missionary so he joined the Marists, who dedicated themselves to the missions. In 1836, Peter was named superior of a small group of missionaries heading to the islands of Hebrides in the South Pacific. At first they were well received by the natives, but as soon as they learned the native language and gained confidence from the people, the king felt threatened and prohibited Christianity in his kingdom. When the king’s own son wanted to be a Christian, the king became infuriated and sent warriors to kill Peter. After his death, in five months’ time, the entire island had converted to Christianity.

Are you discouraged when you do not see your work give fruit?


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