April 26 - Our Lady of Good Counsel

Before the coming of Christ there was a temple in the town of Genazzano dedicated to Venus, the goddess of love. Grand parties were celebrated there on April 25. In the 4th century, Pope St. Mark ordered the construction of a church in this same village and not far from the ruins of the ancient Roman temple. The church was dedicated to Our Lady of Good Counsel and the Pope declared a feast in her honor on April 25.  With the passage of time the church began to deteriorate until the 15th century when a pious widow paid for its reconstruction with her own money. Her neighbors mocked her because they didn’t believe she had so much money. And in truth, the work had to stop due to the lack of funds, but the widow did not allow the obstacles to get in her way. She knew that something would happen that would enable her to continue with the rebuilding. And what happened was nothing less than a miracle on April 25, 1467, when a painting of the Virgin appeared all of a sudden and the church bells began ringing on their own. Immediately healings began to occur. The rebuilding of the church was completed and despite war and destructions, the painting has never deteriorated nor has it been destroyed.

In what moments do you turn to Mary to find light and guide your ways?


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