April 19 – Saint Alphege

Alphege was English and started his religious life in a monastery, but later left and became a hermit. He later returned to community life and was elected abbot. He was then ordained the bishop of Winchester. He was so generous that there were no beggars in his diocese. Alphege was later names bishop of Canterbury. In 1101, when the Danish invaded Canterbury, Alphege presented himself to the Danish asking them to pardon the lives of the poor innocent people and in exchange take him. He was thrown into a dungeon. Later, during an epidemic, the Danish became frightened and freed Alphege. Alphege was granted the health of many of the ill through prayer and distribution of holy bread. In spite of everything, the Danish squandered him. It wasn’t until much later, that the Danish king honored him and returned him body to Canterbury.

Would you at any moment be able to give up your needs in favor of others? Are you capable of sacrifice?


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