April 18 - Blessed Mary of the Incarnation


A French young woman of the 16th century, she was christened Barbara, and her parents had promised if they had a child, they would give him or her to God. She entered the convent at the age of six, and although she would have preferred to remain there, her parents pulled her out of the convent so she could marry. Barbara married Peter Acarie, an aristocrat and French treasury official whom she loved very much. When she left the convent her parents had placed Andrea, a young woman, at her service. Andrea and Barbara became great friends. Barbara was completely dedicated to her husband and to help the Carmelites, which had been reformed by St. Teresa, to establish in Spain and France. After Barbara’s husband died in 1616 she entered the Carmelites at Amiens.

Someone said that happiness is found in loving what we do. Do you, like Barbara, love your present and give yourself completely to doing what is best for everyone, that is, God’s will?


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