April 13 – St. Hermenegild

St. Hermenegild was son of a Visigoth king of Spain. He had an amazing story, worthy of a television soap opera. First, his father Leovigild, who had been married to a great woman called Theodosia, remarried upon her death a villain named Goiswintha. Goiswintha plotted to manipulate Ingunthis, a twelve year old girl who married Hermenegild, and bring her to the Arian religion. Ingunthis was a devout Catholic. Leovigild then handed over the reins of the government of Seville to his son Hermenegild. There were a few quiet years in which Ingunthis was catechizing her husband. This enraged Goiswintha who made a promise to herself to destroy Hermenegild and Ingunthis and even convinced Leovigild to attack his own son. When Hermenegild was finally captured and imprisoned, Leovigild went to convince his son, but St. Hermenegild remained firm in his faith and by order of his own father, he was executed. Shortly after, Reccared, Hermenegild’s brother, converted to Christianity, and with him, all Spain.

Who do you listen to with greater conviction? What do these people have that you find appealing?


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