April 4 – Saint Isidore

Isidore was a member of a family of saints: his brothers Leander and Fulgentius and his sister Florentine were also canonized, Isidore did not have an easy life, since his brother Leander, who was in charge of educating him, was convinced that education was to be given through punishment and force. Isidore escaped from home, frustrated by his brother’s passion. One day, staring at a rock on which drops of water slowly fell, he realized that it was only through much patience and perseverance that any effort would have effect. Isidore returned to his family and later even worked alongside his brother.  After the death of Leander, Isidore continued his brother’s projects, including a Missal and a breviary. He established a seminary in each diocese of Spain, wrote the etymology and many treatises on grammar, astronomy, geography, history and theology. He was the bishop of Seville for 37 years. On his death bed, a multitude of poor people came to his home, since they had benefited from his help. One of his last actions was to give all of his belongings to the poor. He was named a doctor of the Church.

With how much determination do you dedicate yourself to your studies? Do you persevere in your studies and in the search for the truth, or do you feel lazy to make the effort?


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