April 3 - Saint Richard


If we sometimes complain about the world in which we live or the sins of some members of the Church, we should look at St. Richard, who endured tough times. He was the son of a wealthy family, but when his parents died, family member wanted to take advantage of Richard and keep his wealth. Richard managed to stop it. He studied in the most prestigious universities but later heard the call of the Lord to abandon everything for Him and Richard became a priest.He suffered persecutions and slander by the king and wandered through many places because nobody wanted to provide him with lodging. But St. Richard remained firm in his faith and devotion to God. He had an energetic personality and was very courageous, but also was very kind toward the weakest, whom he defended.

What are your main characteristics? Do you complain when things don’t turn out as you wish or fight so they are as God wants them?


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