March 23 – Saint Turibius de Mongrovejo

Born in the 15th century in Spain, Turibius was a professor of a university and a judge. He was famous and well respected. But one day he was asked to leave to Lima, Peru, as a bishop, he was not even a priest! Turibius asked to be excused of the honor, but we became aware of the conditions and poverty of the people of Peru, he could not refuse. He wanted to go and help and to take faith to that country.  He was ordained a priest and then traveled to Peru. As archbishop, he went all over the country, on foot, many of the times. Turibius built churches and hospitals; opened the first seminary; learned the different languages of the natives to be able to communicate with the people. He protected the people who were being oppressed by the conquistadors. He loved the people of Peru and dedicated the rest of his life to them.

Is there something that will move you to leave your community or the path on which you think your life is on? How do you respond to a challenge to leave the place where you staying and feel comfortable at?


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