March 20 - Lent is a time of deep reflection


Lent is a time of deep reflection. A time to reflect and pray over words and actions we don’t normally think about: penance, fasting, abstaining, sacrifice conversion. Many things in our modern world want us to always move forward, but Lent reminds us, sometimes we need to” turn around” to return to God.  Often our world tells us to “indulge ourselves” when sometimes we need to fast and abstain and sacrifice.  Commercials try to convince us that our happiness lies in shopping for ourselves, when the news reminds us, someone needs it more than we do. Politicians and psychologists  try to  tell us we are just fine the way we are, but our world is not fine….in times like these each of us is called to conversion. 

Cuaresma is the time to remember only Jesus is perfect, and even he fasted and sacrificed.   Can we do anything less?


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