March 14 – Saint Matilda

She was the daughter of a German Count. Her parents promised her hand in marriage, at a young age, to a noble, Henry, who soon became the king of Germany.

As queen, Matilda lived simple, dedicated her time to prayer, visiting the sick and helping the imprisoned. She never took hold her position. The king admired her and told her he was a better person and a better king because of her. Henry and Matilda were very much in live. Matilda was free to use the kingdom’s treasures to help others. Henry and Matilda were married for 23 years. After Henry’s sudden death, Matilda decided to dedicate herself exclusively to God. She made the mistake of favoring one son over the other, but recognized it and repented, continuing her life in prayer and sacrifice for the rest of her life.

Is it important for you to occupy a position of honor and prestige? How to you utilize what you have for the good of others?


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