March 13 - Saint Euphraxia

She was related to the roman emperor and, when her father died, Euphraxia went to live in the emperor’s court. When she was seven years old, her mother took her to live in Egypt, near a monastery of nuns. Euphraxia was fascinated by the life of the religious and decided to live there as well. When her mother passed away, Euphraxia wrote a letter to the emperor explaining the reasons why she had decided to dedicate her life completely to Christ. In the letter, she asked that he give all of her family’s property to the poor and to free the family slaves and to forgive all debts one might have had. The emperor thought the letter was beautiful and read it to the senators. Doing everything Euphraxia had asked. Euphraxia remained in the convent her whole life.  

Has someone’s kindness ever moved you? How can your life move others to good?


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