March 9 – Saint Frances of Rome

She was born in Rome in the 14th century, into a well-off, but profoundly Christian family. Her parents married her to Lorenzo Ponziano when she was only thirteen years old. Frances fell in love with her husband and they were happy for forty years. Frances and her sister dedicated themselves to doing acts of kindness and to prayer. Other women were inspired by the sisters’ lives and joined them.

Frances and Lorenzo lost two of their three children in the plague. This made them more sensible to the needs of the poor. During a difficult time in the Church, Lorenzo defended the legitimate Pope and, while absent, his enemies destroyed their possessions. Nonetheless, Frances was able to hold on to part of her family’s house and used it as a hospital. After Lorenzo’s death, Frances decided to live the rest of her life in a religious congregation that was founded in her area. She died four years later.

How do you utilize your own life’s circumstances to serve others? Have you ever felt limited by those circumstances in serving others?


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