March 8 – Saint John of God

John lived a very interesting life, just as if it were out of a novel. He was a shepherd, then a soldier and later a folk singer. Although he was from a very compassionate family, when he became an adult, he did not have any religious sentiments. But when he reached the age of forty, he began to feel empty. One day he heard a homily by Saint John of Avila that made him completely change his life. He began to pray and be conscious of others’ suffering. He dedicated the rest of his life to caring for the ill poor. His home was converted into a small hospital. Those who knew him, founded a religious order now known as the Brothers Hospitallers of St. John of God. John continued working in his hospital until he fell ill and died on his 55th birthday. 

What events in your life have made you ask the meaning of life and the presence of God in it?


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