March 8 - Saint John of God


He ran away from home when he was very young and, even when he fell into misery, he was too ashamed to go back home. He found work as a shepherd and the owner of the flock eventually offered him to marry his daughter, but he fell that was not his call, so he ran away again and became a soldier. When he went back home after battle, he found out his parents had already died and he felt horrible remorse. He then decided to devote the rest of his life to serving others. Listening to a sermon of John of Avila one day he experienced a conversion and his reaction was so strong that people thought he was crazy and he was committed to an insane asylum. There he saw the sufferings of the sick and poor and decided to dedicate his energy and life to the service of the poor and sick. He founded the Congregation of Hospital Brothers.

Do you tend to try to run away from things? Have you ever felt sorry about something but, out of shame, you have not asked for forgiveness?


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