March 1 - Saint Albinus


Many saints are called Albinus and three of these have feast days that are celebrated on this same day; these are the first English martyr and the bishops of Vercelli, Italy and Angers, France. The bishop of Vercelli lived during a very difficult time for Italy in the 6th century. Not much is known about him except that his veneration is very ancient. The bishop of Angers is very popular in Europe. It seems that, although he came from a wealthy family with titles of nobility, he did not want to be distinguished. He was an abbot in a monastery and out of obedience he had to accept the post as bishop of Angers in 529. He ruled the diocese firmly, but with prudence, earning the hatred of many. St. Albinus of Angers died with the reputation for being a saint.

Does it matter much to you what people think about you?


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